I’m going back to basics!

Happy New Year! I’m starting the new year with a bang and launching a brand new range of products tonight, Sunday the 8th of January at 7pm. The new collection will be sold on Mwydro’s Etsy shop and will feature: Back to my roots If you’re new to Mwydro, you may not know that theContinue reading “I’m going back to basics!”

What is Surface Design?

Recently you may have seen me chatting about my surface design work. For those less familiar with it I thought I’d give a quick overview, plus the kind of Surface Design services available as part of Mwydro’s offerings. Surface design is any type of artwork (pattern, illustration, hand lettering, etc.) made by a designer that is intendedContinue reading “What is Surface Design?”

Mwydro yn yr Eisteddfod!

Blog byr yw hwn i’ch hysbysu y bydd Mwydro yn yr Eisteddfod! Wedi i mi fod y fuddugol yn nigwyddiad #HacYGymraeg gan Llywodraeth Cymru ac M-SParc rhai wythnosau’n ôl, dwi wedi cael gwahoddiad i ymuno mewn banel drafod am dechnoleg a’r iaith Gymraeg. Cynhelir y panel drafod yn y Y Sfferen, y Babel Wyddoniaeth arContinue reading “Mwydro yn yr Eisteddfod!”