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Hi, I’m Sioned

Digital Illustrator and founder of Mwydro.

Based in Caernarfon, Wales, I specialise in cartoon-style, upbeat digital drawings. I’ve got a particular passion for creating bespoke animated GIF Sticker packages for businesses.

My mission is to provide small businesses with the tools to stand out from the crowd online so they can increase their visibility and sales. Whether that be through my GIF Service, Surface Design or Talks and Workshops!

My Clients

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Custom GIFs

Ever thought how cool it would be to have your own branded GIFs to use on social media? Mwydro can help you with just that!

With a long list of satisfied clients ranging from small business owners to festivals and news platforms, Mwydro’s custom GIF service could be just the thing to make your marketing stand out from the crowd online.

Bespoke Illustrator Surface Design for Clothes

Bespoke Illustrations

Mwydro is also available to be commissioned to create bespoke illustrations for your business.

I specialise in surface design and have designed illustrations for products which have included the Welsh Lady Collection for Clyd, Welsh Wreath for Silver Cuddles, and Badges for Pethau Pert

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