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Hi there, I’m Sioned – founder of Mwydro! I’m a digital illustrator based in Caernarfon, Wales.

My mission is to give businesses the tools to stand out from the crowd online.


Originally founded in March 2019 under the name Cardiau Mwydro, when I found in August 2020 that there were barely any Welsh Language GIFs available I chose to pivot my business to address the gap in the market.

Since then the business has gone from strength to strength, working to create fun bespoke GIFs and Illustrations for businesses of all sizes and industries, and rebranding to Mwydro in May 2021.

My Welsh Language GIFs have been viewed by over 90 million people, and I’ve helped clients get their GIFs seen by the millions too and help them stand out from the crowd online.

Mwydro has also developed to become a hub for small business owners, with my work now including my Mwydro Gyda… series where I sit down on Instagram Live and chat with fellow small business owners, and workshops including my Mastering Instagram Stories Workshop to help tackle that dreaded fear of showing your face on camera.

I love exploring new ideas and supporting businesses to flourish online, and I’d love for you to join me on my journey! To stay up to date be sure to check out Mwydro’s Instagram page.

Get to know me!

Sioned Young


Hi I’m Sioned, the founder of Mwydro! I live in Caernarfon with my partner Jordan and as the name of the business suggests, I love to mwydro! (a Welsh slang word for chatting a lot!)

I run the business part-time alongside working for a local charity supporting the development of Community Groups. I love both roles and I find Mwydro the perfect creative release to balance with my other role.

GIF & Illustration Clients

  • Anna Gwenllian
  • Bro360
  • BrittneyCEO
  • Bragdy Cybi
  • Coed y Ddraig
  • Clyd
  • Faces by Poppy
  • Menter Mon
  • Freelance Lifestyle
  • Gemwaith gan Anest
  • Gwna Harbour
  • Lora Wyn
  • Mirsi
  • Mudiad Meithrin
  • Pethau Pert
  • M-SParc
  • Physio Mon
  • Podiau Mon
  • Siop Cwlwm
  • Sbarduno
  • Snowdonia Wagyu
  • Tafwyl
  • The Gweithdy
  • Jones o Gymru

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Work Featured on: Prynhawn Da, Heno, Wales Online, Am Dro

I am always happy to discuss new projects, and can be contacted here.

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