GIFs for Businesses

Looking to add some wiggle and bounce to your online marketing? Personalised GIF Stickers could be just the thing for you!

Mwydro works with businesses in a wide range of industries to inject more fun into their marketing through personalised animated GIF Stickers, leading to increased visibility and income.

  • A 30 minute call on Zoom to help you decide if GIFs are the right investment for your business
  • A chance to check your eligibility and ask any questions
  • Get recommendations on the best kind of GIFs for your business
  • Details on pricing and turnaround time
  • No pressure to commit. 

Mwydro’s GIFs have been viewed over 160 million times, and I’ve helped clients get their GIFs seen and used by millions too. Having your own branded GIFs in the public search bar puts you in the eyesight of an unthinkable number of potential clients and customers.

Businesses need a minimum of 5 GIFs to be eligible to get their GIFs in the public search bar for everyone to use, so GIFs are sold in packages of 5 or more, with prices starting from £150, ranging up to £500 for more complex, illustrated GIFs.

  • A great way to add some fun into your business
  • Increase your brand visibility with your followers and the wider public
  • They can be used on so many social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Canva, Twitter, WhatsApp, Mailchimp and more
  • A chance to stand out from your competition online
  • A short-term investment with long-term impact!
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