GIFs in Schools

As well as designing GIFs, Mwydro also teaches children and young people to design their own GIFs through the Hac Y Gymraeg, GIFs in Schools project.

Funded from March – July 2023 through the Welsh Government’s #HacYGymraeg fund, the project’s proven popularity has meant I have now extended the project beyond the funding period and schools can now pay for a GIFs in Schools workshop of their own.

The workshops focus on creating fun, animated Welsh Language Place-Name GIFs which are then placed in the public GIF search bar for everyone to access and use.

#HacYGymraeg is an interactive workshop where pupils are guided on how to turn their favourite Welsh Language Place-Name into a fun digitally illustrated animated GIF Sticker for everyone to use on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and more!

Workshop length is two lessons/ 2 hours for one classroom and also includes an introduction to Mwydro and fun games and activities related to Welsh Language Place-Names and the importance of using and protecting them.

The workshop fee includes turning the best 10 illustrations of the session into animated GIFs for everyone to use. Schools can pay a small additional fee to animate any further GIFs.

Equipment requirements are access to a Computer, Chromebook or iPad for each participant (or one between two if not possible), and a screen to share a presentation.

The workshop can be delivered in person or virtually, in Welsh, English or Bilingually.

Best suited to Year 5 – Year 9 pupils.

Now accepting bookings for January 2024.

Interested in booking a session or looking for more information? Get in touch in Welsh or English by completing the form below or e-mailing .

Want to learn more about the origins of the project? Read more here:

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