GIFs for Businesses

Are you looking for a fun and unique way of making your business stand out from the competition on social media? Investing in personalised animated GIFs for your business may be just the thing for you!

So, how does it work?

Ever use GIFs on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat and wish that they suited better with your brand, or conveyed the exact message you wanted to share?

Well, Mwydro works with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help design a range of personalised animated GIFs that perfectly match their brand, get key messages out to their customers, build a sense of community, and help them stand out from competitors in their field.

GIFs can be made for just the business owner to use from their device (Personal Use GIFs), or you can go one step forward and work with Mwydro to get your GIFs in the public GIF search bar for all to use, including your clients, customers and followers!

Did you know? Mwydro’s Welsh Language GIFs have been viewed over 100 milion times!

I design each GIF by hand on my iPad and pride myself on being a perfectionist!

GIF Pricing

Mwydro offers four main kinds of GIFs. Here’s the updated pricing list for 2023!

  • Logo GIF – from £20
  • Product GIF – from £20
  • Character GIF – £50 for first GIF, £30 each for any further movements
  • Slogan GIFs – £30 for the first GIF, £20 each for further slogans

See below for further information on each GIF, including examples and best use.

Types of GIF

Logo GIF (from £20)

Great for… improving your brand visibility, capturing your audience’s attention, getting started with GIFs. Logos can be animated in a variety of styles:

Product GIF (from £20)

Great for… showcasing your products, adding some fun to your business, and capturing attention on social media.

Character GIF (£50*)

Great for… showcasing your team, adding some personality to your business, and capturing attention on social media.

Full List of Movements Include: Thumbs Up, Holding a Sign/ iPad, Behind a Desk, Waving, Pointing Up, Excited, At Work, Reactions (e.g. Thank You).

*Pay £50 for your first Character GIF and then £30 after that for any additional movements for your character.

Slogan GIF (£30*)

Great for… making your audience take action, drawing attention to deals and offers.

*Pay £30 for your first Slogan GIF and then £20 after that for any additional slogan GIFs in the original GIF’s styling.

Ready to go?

  1. Head over to our GIF Eligibility page to check what kind of GIF offering you’re eligible for
  2. When you’re ready, complete Mwydro’s quick GIF Request Form. This gives you the chance to share more about your business, what you’re eligible for and what kind of GIFs you’re looking for (don’t worry if you’re not too sure, I’m happy to help!)
  3. Once I receive your form, I’ll be in touch over e-mail as soon as possible to confirm next steps and get started with your order.

Anything else, be sure to pop me an e-mail anytime to

Happy Customers!

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