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Since 2020, Mwydro has developed to become an established name in GIF Design, helping a large portfolio of clients spice up their social media with personalised GIF Stickers.

Mwydro’s fun Welsh-Language GIFs have surpassed 80 million views, and bespoke GIF services has helped others reach engagement in the millions too. If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd on social media, check out my portfolio of work below, and get in touch to get started on your GIF journey!

Why invest in GIFs?

  • To sharpen up your brand identity and presence online
  • GIFs use keywords that can help your brand get introduced to new audiences
  • GIFs are great attention-grabbing Call to Action tools
  • They can be used by your clients to share and promote your brand
  • A one-time investment with a lifetime value!

Where can I use my GIFs?

  • On Social Media channels like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok
  • In your e-mail signature, Trello and PayPal
  • On your website
  • Can be turned into videos for posts on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter


  • GIF Packages are individually priced, based on the level of illustration and animation required. Animated Images start from £15 per GIF, with Animated Illustrations starting from £25 per GIF. Get in touch for an accurate quotation.
  • Mwydro also provides illustration services, and support to get your GIFs in the public search domain for all to use and enjoy
Interested in GIFs but not too sure what to get?
Check out my portfolio full of examples below!

GIF Characters

Mwydro’s most popular service, bespoke illustrated and animated characters help celebrate the small business owner in a fun and unique way. Scared of showing your face on social media? This is the perfect alternative! Choose from any of the below movements, or get in touch if you have your own idea!

The Gweithdy animated GIF Character Waving
1. At Work (1)
Mirsi animated GIF Character
4. Noticeboard
The Soap Mine animated GIF Character
7. Excited
Dewi Llwyd Radio Cymru animated GIF Character
10. Face Only
Clyd animated GIF Character
2. Peace Sign
Crefftau'r Bwthyn animated GIF Character
5. Thematic/ Seasonal
Faces by Poppy PoppyMentor animated GIF Character
8. Heart Hands (1)
BrittneyCEO Jones animated GIF Character
11. Heart Hands (2)
Snowdonia Wagyu animated GIF Character
3. Thumbs Up
Mwydro animated GIF Character
6. Hands Up
The Gweithdy animated GIF Character
9. Social Media
Tarian Drums animated GIF Character
12. At Work (2)

GIF Character Pricing

  • Illustration Only: from £30
  • Illustration & Animation: from £45

Additional movements available at a reduced rate. Get in touch for a quote.

Logo GIFs

Make your brand pop online with a playful animated GIF of your brand’s logo. Available in a wide variety of animation styles. See below for examples.

The Freelance Lifestyle Logo GIF
anna gwenllian Logo GIF
Siop Cwlwm Logo GIF
Clyd Logo GIF
Bro360 Logo GIF
The Soap Mine Logo GIF
Snowdonia Wagyu Logo GIF
Manon Logo GIF
Tarian Drums Logo GIF

Logo GIF Pricing

  • Animated Logo: from £15

Animated Images

Looking for a new way to promote your products online? Images of products can be made into eye-catching GIFs in a variety of animation styles.

Snowdonia Wagyu Product GIF
Lora Wyn Jewellery Product GIF
Draigi Si-Lwli Si Lwli Product GIF
Slogan Cymru Product GIF
Dwdl Designs Product GIF
Soap Mine Product GIF

Animated Images Pricing

  • Animation: from £15

Bespoke Animated Illustrations

Not only can Mwydro animate existing images, it’s also possible to have your products and slogans turned into unique illustrations for you to use as still images and GIFs. Check out some examples below!

Brittney CEO Product GIF
Tarian Drums Product GIF
Seren Swynol Product GIF
Gemwaith Elisa Product GIF
Brittney CEO Product GIF
Podiau Mon Product GIF
Edrych Ymlaen Sbarduno
Gwyddoniaeth Sbarduno GIF
Small Business Wales
Snowdonia Wagyu Siopa'n Lleol
Cymraeg o'r Crud Si Lwli
Merch fy milltr sgwar bro360 GIF

Bespoke Animated Illustrations

  • Animate Existing Illustration: from £15
  • Illustration Only: from £20
  • Illustration & Animation: from £25
Interested? Don’t just take my word for it!

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