Marathon GIFs Cymraeg i ddathlu Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae

I ddathlu diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae eleni ar y 15fed o Hydref, mi fydd cwmni darlunio digidol Mwydro yn ymgymryd â Marathon Dylunio GIFs Cymraeg byw ar ei sianel Instagram. Bydd y digwyddiad yn cynnig cyfle unigryw i’r cyhoedd dewis a dethol pa eiriau a dywediadau Cymraeg hoffent weld ar ffurf GIF i gyfryngau cymdeithasol, aContinue reading “Marathon GIFs Cymraeg i ddathlu Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae”

GIFs are great for.. Having Fun!

In this new series, I’ll be quickly sharing a few fab uses for animated GIF stickers! First up, it’s Having Fun! When selling a service or product on social media, it can often feel like you’re nagging on your clients, or repeating yourself non stop. You fear that you’re boring your clients, or coming acrossContinue reading “GIFs are great for.. Having Fun!”

5 Tips for Tackling Insta Story Stage Fright.

We’ve all heard the Social Media Coaches go on, “the best way to engage with your audience is to show your face. Show them the person behind the business!”. But when you’re stood in your living room trying to find a quiet few minutes and a big bucket of confidence to ‘show-up’ on video inContinue reading “5 Tips for Tackling Insta Story Stage Fright.”

Welcome to Mwydro!

To reflect the development in the business’ services, Cardiau Mwydro has today (27.05.21) taken the exciting step to re-brand to Mwydro! Since establishing the business back in March 2019, I’ve been fortunate to see the business develop and grow so much. And since receiving a grant to purchase an iPad and printer thanks to theContinue reading “Welcome to Mwydro!”

My Top 5 Tips for Craft Fairs

Since launching my business in March 2019, selling at Craft Fairs has been a big part of Mwydro (formerly Cardiau Mwydro). It gives me a chance to come out from my crafting corner in the living room and engage with potential customers and the crafting community, sharing my handmade cards with a wider audience.  Balancing myContinue reading “My Top 5 Tips for Craft Fairs”

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