GIFs are great for.. Having Fun!

In this new series, I’ll be quickly sharing a few fab uses for animated GIF stickers!

First up, it’s Having Fun!

When selling a service or product on social media, it can often feel like you’re nagging on your clients, or repeating yourself non stop. You fear that you’re boring your clients, or coming across as sell, sell, sell.

GIFs offer a unique, vibrant and engaging way to sell your offer. Branded GIFs prompting clients to send you a DM for further information, or reminding them when a product or service is going on sale, could be the perfect nugget to help them TAKE ACTION!

GIFs also bring character and joy to your stories, and help build your brand to be seen as warm, modern and approachable.

Just like the brand, Mwydro’s GIFs aim to add a fun, warm and approachable vibe to your brand – without having to say a word!

Want to find out more? Get in touch by using the contact button below to see how Mwydro can help inject more fun into your brand online!

Disclaimer: Mwydro’s GIF service is currently only available to Apple Device owners, and/or businesses who own their own website and e-mail domain.

Published by Mwydro

Illustrator and GIF Artist

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