Reasons to invest in a business website and e-mail

In order to get GIFs in the public search bar, businesses are required to have their own website and e-mail domain to reach the eligibility criteria.

So, if this is your only barrier to access Mwydro’s GIF service, here are a few points on why having a website and e-mail address may be beneficial for your business.

1. It’s under your control

Unlike social media, a website is fully under your control. You don’t have to worry about algorithm or glitches. Remember that time a few months back when Instagram and Facebook stopped working? If something like that or worse happened again a website is a solid means of maintaining that relationship with your clients.

2. A one stop shop for all of your information

If you’re only using social media, you’re making it very difficult for your customers to easily access vital information about your business. Websites are great platforms for sharing information like opening hours, contact details, price lists etc. at the touch of a button without having to scroll through countless posts on social media to find that information, or for you to receive the same questions repeatedly in your messages.

3. You’ll look more professional

An e-mail address in your company domain rather than Gmail or Hotmail instantly makes your business come across as ten times more professional. The same can be said about websites, as many will trust the process of purchasing off a website than through direct messages on social media.

4. It’s cheaper than you think!

Something that puts a lot of people off the idea of investing in a website and e-mail domain is how expensive it can be. Depending on your requirements, websites aren’t that bad, and you don’t always need to pay for a website developer. I built my own website on WordPress, and other sites like Squarespace and Wix are even easier to navigate with handy drag and drop options to build a website in no time at all.

The Hwb Menter even have a handy video tutorial on building your own Squarespace website, so be sure to get in touch with them about that! Domains are more affordable than I had expected too. I pay £4 a month for my domain through Google Workspace.

5. To get your GIFs in the public search bar!

I briefly mentioned it at the start, but once you’ve got an active website and e-mail in place, you’re then eligible to get your GIFs in the public search bar for anyone to use, including your clients and followers. Mwydro’s GIFs have been seen over 100 million times, so the potential of GIFs is amazing!

Cyhoeddwyd gan Mwydro

Illustrator and GIF Artist

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