It often starts with a problem…

The other week I had the great pleasure of chatting with Leri, child yoga teacher and owner of Iogis Bach as part of my Mwydro gyda… series.

In our conversation we found we had many things in common, from our connections to Dyffryn Nantlle to our involvement in the Llwyddo’n Lleol programme. But an interesting shared experience we discovered whilst chatting was our businesses growing from the initial want to solve a problem.

For Leri it was becoming a new mother and looking for a safe space where she could meet with other mothers to share experiences and have the chance to relax which served as part of the inspiration for founding her business Iogis Bach. Not being able to find something which suited her needs, she solved the problem herself by creating that safe relaxing space for new mothers through Iogis Bach.

It took some time for me to look back and realise it was a problem that started things for Mwydro too. Back in September 2020 when I was looking for ways to promote my Welsh Language Cards, I found myself stuck.

When I searched in the GIF search bar for something to promote my business, all I found were English language GIFs. So, armed with my new iPad I thought I’d go ahead and teach myself how to make GIFs. Initially they were a great way of solving a problem I faced, though soon as I published them I found I was also solving the problem to so many other Welsh small business owners.

Solving a problem gives your business a clear purpose, and your followers a clear reason why they need to work with you. Solving a problem for a whole community is the ultimate step.

I’ve been honoured in my business to not only solve the problem of promoting businesses through the Welsh language through my public GIFs, but also individuals through my bespoke GIF service. By today, Bespoke GIFs has become the ideal tool to support small businesses to stand out from their competition, have consistency in their branding, and inspire their followers to take action.

So why not take a minute and consider what problem your small business solves, and when you know – I’d love for you to share it with me, either in the comments below or over on Instagram. And if you’re ready to invest in GIFs click here to check out my portfolio or here to fill in a GIF request form.

Cyhoeddwyd gan Mwydro

Illustrator and GIF Artist

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