If you’re looking to invest in GIFs for your business, please ensure you reach at least one of the Eligibility Criteria below.

If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Personal Use GIFs

Personal Use GIFs means GIFs that are stored in your phone’s Camera Roll and you can use your GIFs by copying and pasting them from your Camera Roll to your Insta Stories, Posts and TikToks.


Due to a fault with Android Devices, only Apple users (e.g. iPhone/ iPad) are eligible for GIFs for personal use.

Mwydro’s GIFs in the Public GIF Search Bar

Public Use GIFs

Public Use GIFs means GIFs that your GIFs are stored in the public GIF search bar on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat for you and anyone to use.

This is a great option if you’re looking to get your followers/ members/ customers to use your GIFs and share your brand far and wide.


To be eligible to get your GIFs in the Public Search Bar, your business must have both its own business website and e-mail domain in the business name. For example, and E-mail addresses ending or etc. are unfortunately not eligible.

Website must be fully operational and not just a static page, and users must have a minimum of 5 GIFs to get their GIFs in the Public Search bar.

These are requirements set by the platform who host the GIFs in the search bar, not Mwydro. Businesses must fulfil all parts of the criteria set by them to be eligible. Mwydro can provide support in getting your account approved if you have met the host’s eligibility criteria.

Don’t Have a Website and E-mail yet?

Check out this blog my Mwydro about a few more benefits of investing in a website and e-mail domain for your business.

Ineligible Users

If you have neither of the above (so an Apple Device or a Business E-mail and Website Domain) you are unfortunately ineligible for Custom GIFs by Mwydro.

If anything changes, Mwydro will ensure to inform its followers as soon as possible, so be sure to follow Mwydro to stay up to date.

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