When was the last time you showed up in your business?

Today it’s #NationalSelfieDay, and so to mark the occasion I wanted to ask the question to fellow business owners – when was the last time you showed your face in an image or video on your business’ social media sites?

Why does it matter?

Where you may worry about looking silly or vain, showing the person behind the business has so many benefits you may not know about. Here are my top three:

It builds trusts

When people buy from a small business they’re taking a risk, opting for something less familiar over the bigger brands in which customers are familiar and comfortable with their services or products. Take a gym for example. With a chain brand you know what to expect, where with an independent gym you may be a little less informed.

So to overcome this barrier small businesses have to work extra hard to build trust, and one very effective way of doing that is by enabling your customers to get to know the person behind the business.

And don’t worry, that doesn’t mean knowing what you had for dinner last night. More so it’s as simple as knowing who runs the business and why they choose to do it.

It showcases the uniqueness of your business

As you develop a business you may often be asked ‘What’s your Unique Selling Point (USP)‘, ‘What makes you stand out from the competition?

With most businesses you can often have people offering similar, if not exactly the same products or services, so you may be stumped on your USP. Well, one USP each of us has is ourselves. There’s no one quite like you, so why not celebrate that as one of your USPs?

The more you show the person behind your business and your passions, values and approach, the more it will help to make you stand out from the competition and ultimately increase your sales.

It’s engaging

If you have shared a picture or video of yourself in the past, I can almost guarantee it’s one of your most liked or engaged posts. That’s because people buy from people!

Where it’s of course important to promote your services and products, showcasing the person behind the business gives your audience a break from sales-driven posts, and offers them something different to see. Even if it’s just a video of you talking through the products or services you offer, it’s still an engaging alternative to a still image or graphic of your offerings.

If you sell the same thing all year round this is certainly something to consider, as the more of the same things you share the less likely people are to engage as they know what to expect from your content. A video sharing what you’ve been up to that day offers a fresh perspective and an increased likelihood of engagement.

So how do I go about it?

Ready to show up some more on your business but not too sure about the approach? I’ve got you sorted!

My Mastering Instagram Stories Workshop is happening online tomorrow (22/06/22 – 6.30-8pm) and it’s free for all to join, just click the button below to register. In this workshop I’ll be sharing some great actionable top-tips on non-scary ways of showing your face on social media to build your business.

Reading this after the 22nd of June? Head to my Instagram to stay up-to date on when I’ll be running similar workshops again, or get in touch if you’d be interested in 1:1 mentoring to take your confidence and your business to the next level.

Cyhoeddwyd gan Mwydro

Illustrator and GIF Artist

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