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Ready to invest in GIFs but not too sure what to get? Let Mwydro help!

To help you make sure you invest in the perfect GIFs for your business, Mwydro has compiled a list of handy top tips to help you along the way. Once you’re ready to place your order click here to fill in the GIF Request Form, or send Mwydro an e-mail!

The Basics

Here’s a quick summary of the different types of GIFs offered by Mwydro.

Further examples and pricings can be found by clicking here.

Slogan GIF

A word or phrase of your choice in your brand’s styling, font and logo.

Edrych ymlaen GIF
Example of a Slogan GIF for Sbarduno

Logo GIF

An animated GIF of your brand’s logo

Siop Manon GIF
Example of Logo GIF for Siop Manon

Character GIF

An animated cartoon character in a movement of your choice and dressed in a branded t-shirt.

tarian drums GIF
Example Character GIF for Tarian

Product GIF

Your product, transformed into an engaging animated GIF.

Lora Wyn GIF
Example Product GIF for Lora Wyn

See below for some more top-tips on how to choose the perfect GIFs for your brand.

Ask the Audience

If you’re eligible to get your GIFs in the public search bar for all to use, it’s important to consider the kind of GIFs your audience would enjoy using from your brand.

So, why not involve them in the process!? You could reach out to them over e-mail, or put a poll or Q&A box up on your Instagram Stories. This way you’ll get great ideas, increased engagement and your audience will feel valued and seen by you!

Ask Your Team

Similarly to the above point, often the ones closest to your brand will have the best ideas of what kind of GIFs would suit you best. So why not ask your team for their ideas? Sole Traders could alternatively ask friends and family members who know the business.

Having your team come up with ideas for GIFs could be a great team building activity, as well as help your team members show off their more creative side.

Spot the Gap!

If you’re looking to get your GIFs in the public GIF search bar it’s a good idea to see what’s already out there in terms of GIFs in your industry.

Are there any words or phrases linked to your industry that don’t exist as GIFs yet? This could be your perfect opportunity to fill the gap! In future then when someone will be looking for a GIF in that phrase or word they’ll only have yours to choose from, and so will select it and ultimately promote your business for you!

Welsh Language GIFs in particular are quite limited, so if you can find any words or phrases which don’t have a GIF it’s an opportunity to put your brand there first before your competition.

What’s the Action?

A good question to ask yourself is what action do you want your audience to take?

Visit your website?

Book an appointment?

Join your membership?

Read your blog?

All of these could all be transformed into effective Call to Action GIFs, encouraging your audience to be more than just passive viewers. An aim to get someone to book an appointment could be turned into a Book Now! GIF, paired with your brand’s styling, font and logo.

Quickfire Ideas!

If you want to… share the person behind the business
How about… a friendly Character GIF?

If you want to… show off a new product
How about… an animated Product GIF?

If you want to… share a catchphrase associated with your brand?
How about… a branded Slogan GIF?

If you want to… make people remember your brand
How about… a fun Logo GIF?

Made your mind up?

Click here to fill in the Mwydro GIF Request Form to submit your request. Or get in touch at if you have any further questions.

And be sure to click here to view more examples and pricing.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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