See below a selection of Frequently Asked Questions about my GIF and Commission Design service.
If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch anytime!

Am I eligible for your GIF service?

To be eligible for Mwydro’s GIF service, clients must have at least one of the following

1. An Apple Device (iPhone/iPad)


2. Their own unique website and e-mail domain
(e.g. http://www.mwydro.com & info@mwydro.com)

NEW: A limited selection of GIFs are now also available for Android users without a website.
Get in touch over e-mail or message to find out more.

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Where can I use my GIF?

If you just have an iPhone/iPad your GIFs will be available for personal use. This means you can copy and paste your GIFs to your Stories and Posts in two simple clicks!

If you have your own unique website and e-mail domain, you will be eligible for support to get your GIFs in the public GIF search bar and your GIFs will be available for everyone to use on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat!

When you receive your GIFs you will be provided with a friendly video guide on how to use your GIFs.

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New! A limited selection of GIFs are now available for Android Devices.
Get in touch for more info.

Do I have to select one of the GIF Packages or can I share my own ideas?

No, there’s no pressure to stick to one of the packages listed on my services page!

Packages are listed to give clients a better idea of what can be offered and a better sense of pricing, and to help those who may be stuck for ideas. If you have your own ideas, just get in touch for an accurate quotation.

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Do you offer discounted rates for returning GIF customers?

Yes! Returning GIF customers are eligible to receive a small discount on any future purchases. Just get in touch for an accurate quotation.

Do you offer any other design services?

Yes! As well as GIF design, Mwydro also has a Commission Design Service. I’m open to various types of design projects, with work to date including:

  • Welsh Lady Clothing Collection for Cartref Clyd
  • Welsh Wreath Clothing Design for Silver Cuddles
  • School Badges Design for Pethau Pert
  • Logo design for Crefftau’r Bwthyn

For a better idea of my work, check out my portfolio.

Do you offer talks and workshops?

Yes, Mwydro is available to be booked for public talks and workshops in Welsh or English on a variety of topics, including:

  • GIF Design
  • Procreate
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Managing a Side-Hustle

Ready to place your order? Head over to the contact page or e-mail me at info@mwydro.com

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