Ever thought it would be cool to have your own custom GIFs to use on Social Media? Mwydro is proud to be an established name in the field of custom GIF design, with my GIFs for public use having surpassed 40 million views. I’m also proud to have worked with a range of businesses of all sizes to help build their brand using GIFs, with clients including Lora Wyn, Bro360, Coed Y Ddraig, Tafwyl, YesCymru, Si Lwli and many more! Click here for a closer look at my portfolio of work.

Scroll down to find out more about Mwydro’s GIF packages and commission work.
Clients are welcome to choose any of the below packages, or build their own!

GIF Eligibility

To be eligible for Mwydro’s GIF service, clients must have at least one of the following

1. An Apple Device (iPhone/iPad)


2. Their own unique website and e-mail domain
(e.g. &

A limited selection of GIFs are now available for Anroid Device Users.
Get in touch for further information.

For further information, check out my Frequently Asked Questions page.

1. Small Business GIF Starter Package

Perfect for … getting started with GIFs and putting your brand’s name out there! Make your products pop and your customers take notice!

This Package Contains:

  • 1 Logo GIF
  • 2 Product Image GIFs*
  • A Video Guide on how to use your GIFs

This package is priced at £45

*Products available to be drawn as cartoons for an additional fee

2. The GIF Character Package

Perfect for… showcasing your brand’s personality and the person behind the business!

Choose from:

  • 1 Movement: £30
  • 3 Movements: £65
  • 5 Movements: £100

Characters are lovingly hand-drawn to create a realistic cartoon depiction of the individual.

Choose from any of the following movements:

  • At Work
  • Thumbs Up
  • Pointing Up
  • Waving (1 Hand)
  • Noticeboard
  • Thematic
  • Waving (2 Hands)
  • Excited
  • Peace Sign

3. Insta-Story Standout

Perfect for… Making your Instagram Stories perfectly on brand and professional.

This package contains:

  • 1 Character GIF
  • 1 Logo GIF
  • 1 Slogan GIF
  • 4 Branded Insta Story Templates

This package is priced at £70

4. Build Your Own

Perfect for… Solidifying your brand’s identity online for ultimate professionalism.

Choose from:

  • 5 GIFs: Prices starting from £75
  • 10 GIFs: Prices starting from £140

For a full, accurate quote – get in touch with a summary of your ideas, or to arrange a quick Zoom/WhatsApp call to learn more about the types of GIFs Mwydro offer.

Design Commissions

Mwydro is available to be commissioned to design logos, branding and products. I can also host workshops and talks on various subjects, including GIF Creation, Entrepreneurship, and managing a Side-Hustle.

I also offer a freelance service working with companies on illustrations or designs. Prices for commissions vary depending on the project, with a higher fee charged for designs made to be resold within products for the client.

You’re welcome to enquire about any commissions or prices – please get in touch here or e-mail .


Gwasanaeth cyfeillgar a proffesiynol iawn. Wir wedi mwynhau y broses ac
yn dal i fwynhau defnyddio’r GIFs. Diolch yn fawr Mwydro!

Cynnyrch deniadol, gwasanaeth gwych.
BRO 360

Diolch o galon Sioned am y GIFs ar gyfer fy musnas bach.
Mor hawdd siarad efo chdi, a mae syniadau chdi’n fab!

Gwasanaeth bendigedig bob tro.

The GIF-tionary!

Unsure of some of the phrases used above? Check out my quick GIF word guide below!

Your logo, animated in GIF form. Logos can be animated in a variety of ways.

A picture of one of your products in moving GIF form. This could be any product, from jewellery to a jumper!

This is the tab to search for GIFs on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, available for anyone to access from around the world!

You (or a person of your choice), drawn in a cartoon style and moving in a gesture of your choice.

A GIF in a word or phrase of your choice, in your brand’s font, colour and styling. Examples include catchphrases, calls to action, or words used to react (e.g. Love This, Cool, Swipe Up, Click Here)

This is a background you can use within Instagram Stories where you can add your own text and images to.

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