Sul y Tadau

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Sul y Tadau


Does anyone else feels like April went by in a flash? Adapting to a new home, a new lifestyle and being fairly busy working from home in my full-time job seems to have all contributed to April going by in a blink of an eye. I’ve had a quiet month on social media, adapting to the new normal – but from my dining room table looking out to the north Welsh coast I’ve been busy making, and thankful for a creative outlet during these new times.

 Here’s a little insight into the last month for Cardiau Mwydro:

Custom Orders

Thank you to all who have been ordering your Custom Order cards during the lockdown. These seem to be very popular at the minute as families and friends are unable to be together to celebrate special occasions, nor visit a shop to physically buy a card.

Looking for a personalised card for a special occasion with any image and text of your choice? Message Cardiau Mwydro on Facebook or Instagram.

Greetings from Home’ series

I was thrilled to end the month with the lauch of my new collection of Personalised Greeting Cards – ‘Greetings From Home.

As many of us are away from the ones we love during this troublesome time, I wanted to explore how Cardiau Mwydro could help keep people in touch and in high spirits.

These Personalised Greeting Cards are perfect to say hello to friends and family. Customers can choose from a drawing of a location, a family or even your front door and can be personalised with any text of your choosing.

Did you know? If you prefer, I am always more than happy to write in your cards and send them directly to the recipient for no additional charge. Read more here.

Supporting Small Businesses

I couldn’t help but think about the craft fairs and events I’ve been missing out on attending over the last month. As well as an opportunity to sell and meet new customers I also love fairs for the opportunity to discover and support other small businesses.

So, this last month I made the pledge to support and discover more small businesses online. Some of my favourite purchases include a beautiful hand-drawn necklace from Welsh designer Doroshenko Designs as a personal treat and some stickers for the business from Hummingbird Design. If you know me you’ll know my love for stationary – so I can’t wait to receive my order in the coming weeks! Any small businesses you’ve been loving lately? Let me know! 

CARN Drawing Club

Alongside a full-time job I can do working from home, one thing I am very glad of keeping me occupied during lockdown is participating in CARN’s Drawing Club Challenge on my Insta Stories.

Before the Lockdown I attended CARN’s bi-weekly Drawing Club in Caernarfon, aiming to learn new techniques and improve my art. Since the lockdown CARN have been doing great work to keep the spirit of their work alive by posting daily drawing challenges every weekday.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of my efforts. I love having a go at something new and keeping creative during this time. 

Drawing Challenge Theme: Dogs

Drawing Challenge Theme: Vehicles

Fancy joining me? The challenge is open to everybody! Once you’ve created your artwork just use the hashtag #CARNDrawingClub #ClwbDarlunioCarn and tag CARN to share your post! 

Thank you again to all for supporting this small business. Don’t forget to follow Cardiau Mwydro on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates!

Cyfarchion o Gartref

Gyda’r rhan helaeth ohonom oddi wrth y rheiny sydd agosaf atom yn ystod y cyfnod anodd hwn, mae Cardiau Mwydro yn falch o rannu cyfres newydd o gardiau Cyfarchion o Gartref (Greetings from Home) i ddod a theuluoedd a ffrindiau ynghyd.

Mae cardiau Cyfarch o’m Cartref yn gardiau unigryw personol i chi allu danfon neges o gyfarch i’r rheiny na allwch fod gydag ar hyn o bryd.

Mae pob cerdyn wedi i’w gwneud gyda llaw ac yn medru danfon cyfarch o unrhyw leoliad neu deulu – wedi i’w personol i’ch dewis chi.

Mae’r rhain yn ffordd berffaith o godi calon a chadw mewn cysylltiad, gan gefnogi achos da a busnes bach lleol ar yr un pryd hefyd – gyda 10% o werthiant bob cerdyn yn mynd i elusen Awyr Las NHS Cymru.

Cardiau yn £3.50 yr un + £1 postio.

Diddordeb mewn archebu?

I archebu, cysylltwch â Cardiau Mwydro trwy ddanfon neges ar Facebook neu Instagram gyda manylion o beth hoffech ar eich cerdyn. Rydym yn derbyn PayPal neu Drosglwyddiad Banc.

A wyddoch chi?

Mae Cardiau Mwydro hefyd yn cynnig yr opsiwn i ysgrifennu tu fewn i’ch cardiau a’i ddanfon yn uniongyrchol i’r derbynnydd am ddim cost ychwanegol.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Stay in Touch


March … let’s just say it’s been a month of change!

I need not expand on how unusual and challenging this current period is. However, I am keen to utilise any opportunity to be positive and celebrate the little things. So, here’s a round up of Cardiau Mwydro’s activities for the month of March.

Clwb Difia

At the start of this month I had the pleasure of visiting the Clwb Difia Group in Penygroes (pictured above) to lead one of their monthly sessions. I began the evening with an introduction to myself and Cardiau Mwydro, before closing with a demonstration of how to create some Cardiau Mwydro style tag cards using items from your own home. I had a great night leading my first ever presentation, and I’d like to especially thank Iona for the invitation and the entire group for the warm welcome.

Do get in touch if you’d be interested in booking Cardiau Mwydro to visit your community group later this year.

Mother’s Day Cards

March was also the month of Mother’s Day cards. Thank you to all who supported, it was great to develop and share a new range of cards and see them be so well recieved. Pending on the circumstances I hope to launch my Father’s Day collection later in the spring.

Moving House

This month also saw a big change in my personal life as I went ahead and moved out of my parent’s house. The timing could have been better, but I am enjoying this new experience and the increased capacity to be creative and develop new work for Cardiau Mwydro. I’m also blessed by a nice little garden and sea view – things I’ll be sure to make the most of when I’ll next be taking pictures of my work!

Adapting the Business

Like many small business owners, March has challenged me to adapt – putting the safety of myself and the nation at the forefront. As it stands I’m taking every day as it comes, but putting the business side of Cardiau Mwydro to the side for the meantime – whilst still maintaining some creativity in my free time.

One thing I’ve been enjoying in particular is participating in daily drawing challenges set by CARN to keep me creative. I’m now working my full-time job from home, but love the chance to create after I’ve finished my working day. Fancy joining in? Look out for the daily prompt each weekday from 6.30 – 8.30pm and share your creations with Carn on Facebook or Instagram!

Daily Drawing Challenge: Plants
Daily Drawing Challenge: Dinasour

Looking Ahead

If these last few weeks have taught me anything, it’s that sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

As I look ahead to April, I’m open minded about how Cardiau Mwydro can adapt in the current climate. I’ve been considering filming some simple craft tutorials amongst other things. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see from me please do get in touch. One of my proudest qualities of Cardiau Mwydro is cards that can put a smile on your face and so anything I can do to keep us smiling through these uncertain times I will try my best to do so.

Stay Safe, Stay Home.
Best Wishes,


My Top 5 Tips for Craft Fairs

Since launching my business in March 2019, selling at Craft Fairs has been a big part of Mwydro (formerly Cardiau Mwydro). It gives me a chance to come out from my crafting corner in the living room and engage with potential customers and the crafting community, sharing my handmade cards with a wider audience. 

Balancing my business with a full time job, I enjoy the flexibility of Craft Fairs and how I can choose them to suit my schedule. The social aspect of it is also a great confidence booster in communicating your business and products to potential customers.

I have learnt many lessons along the way, and as still somewhat of a beginner, I accept I am still learning now. However, from my first year of craft fairs here are some of my top tips

1. Check the details before you go!

Having had craft stalls in a pub, on a beach, in school halls and University receptions (just to name a few!); one of my biggest lessons learnt is to always check the details before attending a fair. This spares any complications when you arrive at the venue.

Established Craft Fairs typically have set guidelines about their rules and regulations, and will send them through to you when you make the initial request to attend a fair. However, smaller and ‘one-off’ fairs are less likely to have this in place.

Top things to check with the event organisers:

  • How much does the stall cost?
  • Is there a table and chair provided or do I need to bring my own?
  • Do you require me to have Public Liability Insurance?
  • What times should I set up and pack up?
  • Is there parking at the venue?
  • Are there any rules and regulations I should be aware of?
  • How many other stalls will be there?

2. Add some height to your stall

This is an age-old tip, but there is no better way to draw in customers to your stall than having some height on it. For the first few months of my Craft Fair journey, I dismantled my mother’s bathroom cupboard and used that as a display. You may be competing with stalls opposite and around you for attention and a striking display that potential customers can see from some distance will help.

3. Bring a Packed Lunch

If you’re busy or quiet on your stall, a packed lunch will be to your favour. If you get a slow day, you’ll be glad the packed lunch spares you having to spend any profit on buying your lunch from the shop. If your stall is busy, a packed lunch will stop you having to worry about finding five minutes spare to pop to the shop or finding cover for your stall.

4. Take something with you to keep you busy

The most predictable thing about Craft Fairs is their unpredictability. You can be quiet one minute and then rushing to serve three people at one time in the next. There’s no set formula or sure fire way of having a busy day, so you’ll just have to go with the flow.

‘The flow’ does however bring its steady points, and it’s in those quieter moments I like to ensure I’ve always got something to keep me busy. Running a business selling handmade cards, you can usually find me at my stall doing some calligraphy or drawing cartoon cacti or peas. If I’ve got a table and chair I know I’m able to do something and often customers can react negatively to seeing stallholders sat glued to their phones. 

Having something creative to occupy yourself can also be a great boost for sales. Countless times I’ve had customers strike up conversations with me after seeing me creating some work. 

5. Stay Positive

Always try and enter each fair with an open mind and a positive outlook. It’s good to be ambitious but don’t get too tied down on sale goals. A slow day in sales doesn’t necessarily mean an unsuccesful day. I’ve had days where I’ve barely broken even but a few passers by grabbing a business card will have led to numerous Custom Order sales soon afterward.

Feedback can be just as vital too. I’ve found that customers can provide great ideas for how your business could develop and diversify.

Fairs can be great to build connections with other crafters, build an idea of what interests the people you’re engaging with, and get comfortable communicating your business to the public.

Do you have a top tip to share about Craft Fairs? Post yours in the comments below!

Check out Mwydro’s bespoke cards, sold on Etsy.

And for all the latest updates, be sure to follow my blog and check me out on Instagram and Facebook.

I’d love to hear if you found this blog useful. Let me know in the comments or pop me a message on Instagram!


It’s a common theme to see people noting how crafting can often be a lonely business. I thought these monthly updates would break that lonely barrier and give an insight to Cardiau Mwydro’s work and showcase some highlights from the month.

Here are some top highlights from the past month:

Valentines Day Collection

It was a busy start to the month with some Valentines Day cards orders. Thanks to all who ordered and it was great to introduce some new cards into the Cardiau Mwydro collection!

Website Launch

February was also the month I launched the Cardiau Mwydro website. My aim for the website is to provide customers with easy access to key information such as contact details and a gallery – but to also offer customers a better insight into the creative process and gain access to exclusive news. Do leave a comment below of anything you’d like to see in a post by Cardiau Mwydro.

Mother’s Day Collection

It was great to launch Cardiau Mwydro’s Mother’s Day Collection for 2020, with three new cards and very excitingly two hand-drawn prints – perfect for a unique Mother’s Day gift! Check out the post here.

Custom Order Creation

February also brought a good flow of Custom Orders for Cardiau Mwydro. For those of you who don’t know, Cardiau Mwydro offers a unique Custom Order service where customers can request a design and text of their choosing to be hand-drawn on a card. They’re especially perfect for special occasions such as a New Baby, Special Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Retirement.

To order yours, send Cardiau Mwydro a message on Facebook, Instagram or e-mail

Looking Ahead…

There’s an exciting month ahead for Cardiau Mwydro! I’ll be starting the month with a presentation and workshop at a local community group, and ending the month with my first Craft Fair of the year at Caernarfon Market Hall. Don’t forget, Mother’s Day Cards are still available to buy for the 22nd of March and you can order from the classic collection or a custom order at any time by sending a message over Facebook or Instagram!

Sul y Mamau

Falch iawn o fedru rhannu Casgliad Sul y Mamau Cardiau Mwydro.

Pedwar cerdyn unigryw maint A6 wedi i’w gwneud gyda llaw. £2.50 yr un.

Dathlu Sul y Mamau gyda rhywun arall? Mae hefyd posib addasu’r cardiau i gynnwys enwau neu Nain, Mam Gu, Anti a.y.b. Hefyd ar gael yn Saesneg.

A hefyd yn cyflwyno rhywbeth hollol newydd gan Cardiau Mwydro: Printiau Sul Y Mamau. Ar gael mewn maint A5 neu A4. Perffaith i’w rhoi fel anrheg i fam ar Sul Y Mamau. Pob un wedi i’w greu yn unigol gyda llaw. Hefyd ar gael yn Saesneg.

Sut i Archebu?

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Mae Cardiau Mwydro yn derbyn PayPal neu Trosglwyddiad Banc. Byddwn yn postio rhwng 2 – 4 diwrnod o dderbyn eich archeb.

Y Sul Y Mamau hyn, beth am fynd ati i gefnogi busnes bach lleol.


Hello and welcome to Cardiau Mwydro’s website! Here you’ll find an amalgamation of updates, blog posts, pictures, exclusive news and much more.

I’ll be aiming to keep the website, like my business, as bilingual as possible – though for the first post I’ve stuck with English just to give you a quick introduction to Cardiau Mwydro, me and the website. So here we go!

What is Cardiau Mwydro

Cardiau Mwydro is a small business based in rural North Wales making and selling hand-drawn colourful cards for all occasions – in both Welsh and English. All cards are individually hand-drawn using coloured pens and pencils. The business has a particularly ‘punny’ theme to it, with a broad range of Welsh and English pun cards (some cheekier than others!).

In addition to standard cards, Cardiau Mwydro also offers a unique Custom Order Service, where customers can send in their request for bespoke personalised hand-drawn cards.

Cardiau Mwydro currently sells via Facebook, Instagram and within local craft fairs – but will be expanding very soon!

Sioned, founder and owner of Cardiau Mwydro.

Who is behind Cardiau Mwydro

Hi, I’m Sioned – founder and owner of Cardiau Mwydro. A twenty-four year old from North Wales. I’ve always been a fan of doodling and was encouraged to turn my little hobby into a business in March 2019. I run the business alongside my full time work as an Arts Fundraiser.

I love running my little business and as I often joke, the cards help keep me quiet as I can tend to ramble on (or ‘mwydro’ as you’d say in Welsh!). I adore bringing customers’ ideas to life through my Custom Order Service and also love meeting other crafters in fairs across the area.

I’m always looking for ways to grow and develop the business and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Cardiau Mwydro.

A popular card from the classic collection
A hand-drawn Custom Order

What to expect from this website

Alongside my Facebook and Instagram pages the Cardiau Mwydro website will be the place to go for all of the latest updates regarding my business. You’ll also find contact details and a full gallery.

I’ll be aiming to upload regular blog posts highlighting new collections and also sharing top tips, monthly reflections and regular shout outs to the amazing crafting community that’s out there!

Do feel free to leave a comment noting what you’d like to see from Cardiau Mwydro!

Until next time,