I’m going back to basics!

Happy New Year! I’m starting the new year with a bang and launching a brand new range of products tonight, Sunday the 8th of January at 7pm.

The new collection will be sold on Mwydro’s Etsy shop and will feature:

  • Welsh Language Greeting Cards for all occasions including Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, Good Luck, and Santes Dwynwen (which is coming up later this month!)
  • Personalised Prints in a variety of themes, where customers can choose any text of their liking..
  • And finally, what I’m most excited about – Welsh Language Sticker Sheets! These came from a fair few suggestions from my followers on Instagram and they’ll be available in a variety of themes including Welsh Learner, Self-Care, Small Business Owner and Farming.

Back to my roots

If you’re new to Mwydro, you may not know that the business started off creating handmade cards and selling them in craft fairs way back in 2019 when the business was founded.

Here’s me at one of my many craft fairs back in 2019 with my mother’s dismantled bathroom cabinet as a display stand

When the pandemic came and all fairs were cancelled I used a grant to invest in an iPad and taught myself the art of digital illustration and then GIF Design and over time, that has adapted to become the business’ main focus. If you’re a fan of my GIFs, don’t worry, that’ll still remain a big part of the business, it’s just I really wanted to put my digital illustration skills into more use and get back into the product world!

Walking around craft fairs this past year and chatting to all my friends who had stalls I had this pang of jealousy that I wasn’t there with them. So, I decided to act on that and get cracking with creating some products.

My inspiration came from participating in Liz Mosley and Papergraphie’s #52PatternsAYear Challenge. It was the first time in a long time that I got to work on a passion project and after a few weeks I was bursting with creative ideas and inspiration. That’s why you’ll see that many of my designs for this collection are also repeat patterns, so have the scope to be transformed into further products or clothing in the future.

The Launch

Over this past week I’ve been sharing some sneak peeks of the new collection over on my Instagram page. So if you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to pop by for a look.

It’s been a few months of very hard work and I truly hope it pays off and that you’ll enjoy the collection. Even if you’re not looking to buy, a simple share goes a long way for a small business owner!

What is Surface Design?

Recently you may have seen me chatting about my surface design work. For those less familiar with it I thought I’d give a quick overview, plus the kind of Surface Design services available as part of Mwydro’s offerings.

Surface design is any type of artwork (pattern, illustration, hand lettering, etc.) made by a designer that is intended to be applied to a surface to enhance its visual appearance and/or functionality. For Mwydro that has included creating designs to be put on clothing, accessories, home furnishings and many more.

My Clients

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing small businesses including Silver Cuddles, Dwdl Designs, Pethau Pert and Clyd on a variety of Surface Design commissions over the past few years.

The way of working varies from client to client. With some I’m given a clear brief and sent off to work, where with others it’s more of a collaborative process where I work with the client to bounce off different ideas to develop the concept together.

My commissions all share Mwydro’s upbeat and bright illustration style, and many of the projects I’ve worked on have had a distinctive Welsh twang to them, which I’m proud of.

I still get that pinch-me moment when I’m walking down the street or in the supermarket and I spot someone wearing something I helped create. Like with my GIF work, that result response from my clients is always a treasured moment too.

How to Order

As it stands, I’m always open to enquiries about new Surface Design commissions. My capacity varies each month and Surface Design commissions need plenty of time to develop concepts, sketches and drafts so if you’re looking to commission Mwydro for a particular event or time of the year I’d recommend getting in touch as early as possible.

Enquiries can be submitted over e-mail to info@mwydro.com or by completing the quick form below.

Reasons to invest in a business website and e-mail

In order to get GIFs in the public search bar, businesses are required to have their own website and e-mail domain to reach the eligibility criteria.

So, if this is your only barrier to access Mwydro’s GIF service, here are a few points on why having a website and e-mail address may be beneficial for your business.

1. It’s under your control

Unlike social media, a website is fully under your control. You don’t have to worry about algorithm or glitches. Remember that time a few months back when Instagram and Facebook stopped working? If something like that or worse happened again a website is a solid means of maintaining that relationship with your clients.

2. A one stop shop for all of your information

If you’re only using social media, you’re making it very difficult for your customers to easily access vital information about your business. Websites are great platforms for sharing information like opening hours, contact details, price lists etc. at the touch of a button without having to scroll through countless posts on social media to find that information, or for you to receive the same questions repeatedly in your messages.

3. You’ll look more professional

An e-mail address in your company domain rather than Gmail or Hotmail instantly makes your business come across as ten times more professional. The same can be said about websites, as many will trust the process of purchasing off a website than through direct messages on social media.

4. It’s cheaper than you think!

Something that puts a lot of people off the idea of investing in a website and e-mail domain is how expensive it can be. Depending on your requirements, websites aren’t that bad, and you don’t always need to pay for a website developer. I built my own website on WordPress, and other sites like Squarespace and Wix are even easier to navigate with handy drag and drop options to build a website in no time at all.

The Hwb Menter even have a handy video tutorial on building your own Squarespace website, so be sure to get in touch with them about that! Domains are more affordable than I had expected too. I pay £4 a month for my info@mwydro.com domain through Google Workspace.

5. To get your GIFs in the public search bar!

I briefly mentioned it at the start, but once you’ve got an active website and e-mail in place, you’re then eligible to get your GIFs in the public search bar for anyone to use, including your clients and followers. Mwydro’s GIFs have been seen over 100 million times, so the potential of GIFs is amazing!

Dylunio GIFs yn fyw!

I ddathlu Diwrnod Cenedlaethol y GIF, bydd Mwydro yn mynd i Instagram nos Lun yma’r 5ed o Fedi am 8pm i gynnal sesiwn dylunio GIFs byw.

Y peth fwyaf cyffrous yw’r ffaith bod yno le i chi yn y digwyddiad hwn cael dweud eich dweud a chyflwyno eich ceisiadau am eiriau a dywediadau hoffech weld yn cael eu troi yn GIFs i bawb ddefnyddio.

Datblygodd y busnes o geisio datrys y broblem fod dim GIFs iaith Gymraeg ar gael i bobl eu defnyddio. Braint yw cael datblygu’r catalog o GIFs Cymraeg dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf gyda dros 300 o eiriau a thermau fel ‘Diolch’ ‘Caru Chdi’ ‘Joio Byw’ a dywediadau rhanbarthol fel ‘Jaman’ a ‘Mor Wancus a’r Wenci’.

Mae’r bosib cyflwyno eich ceisiadau am GIFs o flaen llaw neu ar y noson. Felly rhowch eich ‘thinking caps’ ymlaen, a welai chi nos Lun am 8pm!

Designing GIFs Live!

To celebrate National GIF Day Mwydro will be taking to Instagram this Monday the 5th of September at 8pm to host a live GIF illustration session.

The most exciting thing is that in this session you’ll be able to have your say and submit your own requests for words and phrases you’d like to see made into GIFs for everyone to use.

Mwydro developed from trying to solve the problem of there being no Welsh language GIFs for people to use. It’s been an honour to develop a catalogue of Welsh Language GIFs over the past few years with over 300 words and phrases including ‘Diolch’ (Thank You), ‘Caru Chdi’ (Love You), ‘Joio Byw’ (Loving Life) and regional phrases such as ‘Jaman’ and ‘Mor Wancus a’r Wenci’

You’ll be able to submit your requests beforehand, or on the evening. So pop your thinking caps on, and I’ll see you Monday at 8pm!

Diolch i Lois!

Mae hi’n ddiwedd cyfnod yma un Mwydro HQ wrth i mi ffarwelio a fy Nghynorthwyydd Creadigol, Lois nawr fod ei chyfnod 12 wythnos o Gynllun Cyflogi LIwyddo’n Lleol wedi dod i ben.

Dwi’n teimlo fel fod y deuddeg wythnos yma wedi hedfan heibio, mae hi’ fraint gweld gymaint mae Lois wedi blodeuo dros y misoedd diwethaf ma. Ynghyd a’r gefnogaeth i’r busnes oeddwn i’n fwy na dim yn awyddus i gymryd y cyfle yma gan LIwyddo’n Lleol ymlaen er mwyn rhoi profiadau a chyfleoedd newydd a chyffrous i berson ifanc o Ogledd Cymru.

I ddathlu Lois a’r gwaith gwych mae hi wed ei gyflawni yn ystod eich cyfnod gyda Mwydro:

Diwrnod yn M-SParc

Cwpl o wythnosau’n ôl cawsom gwrdd wyneb yn wyneb am y tro cyntaf ers i Lois gychwyn yn ei rôl, a chael diwrnod lawn hwyl yn ffilmio amrywiaeth o fideos n M-SParc, Gaerwen.

Un o’r fideos o’r diwrnod
Ein diwrnod yn M-SParc

Fideo Jones o Gymru

Yn o gystal a gweithio i Mwydro, dros yr haf mae Lois hefyd wedi bod yn cefnogi gyda chynnwys cyfryngau cymdeithasol Jones o Gymru. Felly, pan fu Jones o Gymru’n gleient GIFs i Mwydro odd hi’r cyfle perffaith i Lois y ddau gwmni gyda’r fideo hwyl yma.

‘Takeover’ Newyddlen Mwydro

I roi’r blas ar sawl wahanol ran o waith Mwydro, wythnos or blaen wnes i wahodd Lois i gymryd drosodd fy newyddlen am yr wythnos a rhannu rhywfaint o’i prhofiadau hi a’ i hoff busnesau bach. Oedd hi’ gret gweld ymateb cystal!

Cewch ddarllen newyddlen Lois drwy glicio yma. A chliciwch yma i danysgrifio i newyddlen Mwydro!

Blog Mythiau Instagram

Mae hi hefyd wedi bod yn brysur n sgwennu blog i Mwydro hefyd. Cliciwch yma i ddysgu mwy am y Mythiau Straeon Instagram gan Lois.

Dyfodol Disglair!

O weithio gyda Lois dros y misoedd diwethaf dwi’n ffyddiog fod ganddi hi dyfodol disglair o’i blaen! A chyffrous lawn yw clywed y newyddion ei fod wedi sicrhau swydd gyda Urdd Gobaith Cymru fel Swyddog Marchnata Digidol y cychwyn y mis Medi.

Diolch hefyd i Llwyddo’n Lleol am y cyfle. Dwi’n hynod o ddiolchgar an gobeithio caiff nifer o fusnesau bach eraill y cyfle i fanteisio ar fath gynllun mewn amser i ddod hefyd!

Mwydro yn yr Eisteddfod!

Blog byr yw hwn i’ch hysbysu y bydd Mwydro yn yr Eisteddfod!

Wedi i mi fod y fuddugol yn nigwyddiad #HacYGymraeg gan Llywodraeth Cymru ac M-SParc rhai wythnosau’n ôl, dwi wedi cael gwahoddiad i ymuno mewn banel drafod am dechnoleg a’r iaith Gymraeg.

Cynhelir y panel drafod yn y Y Sfferen, y Babel Wyddoniaeth ar Ddydd lau’r 4ydd o Awst rhwng 1-1.30pm. Croeso cynnes i bawb.

Bydd y panel hefyd yn cynnwys Darllen Co, yr Uned Dechnoleg Iaith Prifysgol Bangor, Menter Iaith Môn a Cwmpas, felly’n- sicr digon o drafodaethau diddorol i’w glywed.

Dwi’n edrych ymlaen at y panel, a chael mynd o gwmpas y gwahanol stondinau a gweld cwpl o ffrindiau busnes a chwsmeriaid o Instagram mewn person! Yda chi yn yr Eisteddfod eleni? Pa le dylwn i beidio a’i fethu?

Pob hwyl, Sioned

Straeon Instagram – Trafod Mythiau

Haia, Lois ‘dw i, Cynorthwyydd Creadigol Mwydro a dyma fy mlog cyntaf i!

Erbyn hyn, love it or hate it, mae’r mwyafrif ohonom ni’n gyfarwydd efo ‘Instagram Stories’ ers iddynt eu cyflwyno yn ôl yn 2017. I’r rhai sydd ddim – mae ‘Instagram Stories’ yn nodwedd o ap Instagram sy’n galluogi defnyddwyr i bostio lluniau neu fideos sy’n diflannu yn awtomatig ar ôl 24 awr. Mae’r straeon yma yn cael eu gosod mewn fformat fertigol ac maent yn gyflym, yn gofiadwy a’n hwyl i’w dylunio.

Mae’r nodwedd yma o Instagram yn gynyddol i’w weld yn apelio at ddefnyddwyr, gan gynnwys cyfrifon busnes. Yn ddiweddar, mae Instagram wedi gweld twf yn nifer y cyfrifon busnes yma, wrth i’r Ap gynnig platfform sy’n ddeiniadol ar gyfer ffyniant busnes (yn enwedig ers cyfnodau clo Cofid!). Gellir dadlau bod ‘Instagram Stories’ yn chwarae rôl bwysig yn y ffyniant yma, gan fod y nodwedd yn gyfle i ddatblygu teyrngarwch a chynyddu ymgysylltiad rhwng defnyddwyr a’r cyfrif sydd dan sylw.

Mae’n siwr bod eich dilynwyr yn mwynhau cynnwys eich cyfrif yn barod.. ond gall Instagram ddatblygu hyn yn bellach – wrth i chi rannu cynnwys realistig, ‘relatable’ a diddorol trwy gyfres o straeon. Yn y pendraw, bydd hyn yn annog y dilynwyr i ddychwelyd i’ch cyfrif ac i ymateb i’ch cynnwys.

Fodd bynnag, er bod y straeon yma yn cynnig cyfle arbennig i gyfrifon Instagram i ffynnu ac i ddatblygu ymdeimlad o gymuned, mae sawl myth ynghlwm â’r ffenomen. Felly, beth yw’r mythiau yma a pam eu bod nhw’n ffug?

1. Defnydd gorau straeon yw i ddenu dilynwyr newydd – FFUG

Eich dilynwyr presennol sydd yn fwyaf tebygol o wylio’ch straeon chi, ac felly mae straeon yn fodd effeithiol iawn o feithrin ymdeimlad o gymuned i’ch cyfrif. Felly, gwnewch yn siwr i ddiddanu eich dilynwyr presennol trwy’ch straeon. I ychwanegu – wrth i gyfrif newydd eich dilyn, maen nhw’n fwy tebygol o edrych trwy’ch ‘highlights’, felly sicrhewch eu bod nhw’n llawn o wybodaeth sy’n esbonio’n glir pwy ydych chi a beth ‘da chi’n ei wneud!

2. ‘Da chi angen postio straeon yn ddyddiol – FFUG

Mae algorithm Instagram, mewn gwirionedd, yn hoffi pan ‘da chi’n cael toriad 24+ awr rhwng eich straeon – mae hyn yn helpu i wthio’ch stori i’r top (yn enwedig os ydi o’n llun gyda sticer). ‘Dw i’n licio’r dywediad “quality not quantity” yn yr enghraifft yma!

Rhowch eich hun yn ‘sgidiau eich dilynwyr – beth ‘da chi’n hoffi gweld yn straeon eich hoff gyfrifon?

3. Mae rhaid rhannu pob elfen o’ch bywyd ar straeon – FFUG

Rhannwch beth ‘da chi’n gyfforddus gyda’n unig. Does dim angen rhannu eich holl amserlen! I ychwanegu, mae’n gallu bod yn dda i gadw eich dilynwyr “on their toes” – ‘da chi eisiau nhw i fod yn gyffrous wrth weld eich bod chi wedi postio cyfres o straeon, ac mae hyn yn fwy tebygol o ddigwydd os ‘da chi ddim yn postio pob eiliad!

Os ydych chi’n gyfforddus yn ffilmio eich hun, gallwch wneud fideo sy’n trafod eich cynnyrch. Er hyn, mae’n arfer dda i glymu’ch personoliaeth mewn i’ch cyfrif, peidiwch â bod ofn trafod eich diddordebau tu allan i’ch busnes neu unrhyw beth cyffrous sydd ar eich calendr! ‘Dw i’n hoffi dilyn cyfrif Glosters am y math yma o gynnwys.

Felly, beth nesaf?

Wel, cofiwch bod Sioned yn rhedeg gweithdai am bynciau sy’n ymwneud â Instagram yn reolaidd – os ydych yn berchen busnes neu jyst yn mwynhau dysgu am y defnydd o gyfryngau cymdeithasol, mae croeso i unrhyw un ymuno!


Wedi mwynhau’r blog? Beth am ddarllen un arall?

I’m going back to basics!

Happy New Year! I’m starting the new year with a bang and launching a brand new range of products tonight, Sunday the 8th of January at 7pm. The new collection will be sold on Mwydro’s Etsy shop and will feature: Back to my roots If you’re new to Mwydro, you may not know that the…

What is Surface Design?

Recently you may have seen me chatting about my surface design work. For those less familiar with it I thought I’d give a quick overview, plus the kind of Surface Design services available as part of Mwydro’s offerings. Surface design is any type of artwork (pattern, illustration, hand lettering, etc.) made by a designer that is intended…

Reasons to invest in a business website and e-mail

In order to get GIFs in the public search bar, businesses are required to have their own website and e-mail domain to reach the eligibility criteria. So, if this is your only barrier to access Mwydro’s GIF service, here are a few points on why having a website and e-mail address may be beneficial for…

When was the last time you showed up in your business?

Today it’s #NationalSelfieDay, and so to mark the occasion I wanted to ask the question to fellow business owners – when was the last time you showed your face in an image or video on your business’ social media sites?

Why does it matter?

Where you may worry about looking silly or vain, showing the person behind the business has so many benefits you may not know about. Here are my top three:

It builds trusts

When people buy from a small business they’re taking a risk, opting for something less familiar over the bigger brands in which customers are familiar and comfortable with their services or products. Take a gym for example. With a chain brand you know what to expect, where with an independent gym you may be a little less informed.

So to overcome this barrier small businesses have to work extra hard to build trust, and one very effective way of doing that is by enabling your customers to get to know the person behind the business.

And don’t worry, that doesn’t mean knowing what you had for dinner last night. More so it’s as simple as knowing who runs the business and why they choose to do it.

It showcases the uniqueness of your business

As you develop a business you may often be asked ‘What’s your Unique Selling Point (USP)‘, ‘What makes you stand out from the competition?

With most businesses you can often have people offering similar, if not exactly the same products or services, so you may be stumped on your USP. Well, one USP each of us has is ourselves. There’s no one quite like you, so why not celebrate that as one of your USPs?

The more you show the person behind your business and your passions, values and approach, the more it will help to make you stand out from the competition and ultimately increase your sales.

It’s engaging

If you have shared a picture or video of yourself in the past, I can almost guarantee it’s one of your most liked or engaged posts. That’s because people buy from people!

Where it’s of course important to promote your services and products, showcasing the person behind the business gives your audience a break from sales-driven posts, and offers them something different to see. Even if it’s just a video of you talking through the products or services you offer, it’s still an engaging alternative to a still image or graphic of your offerings.

If you sell the same thing all year round this is certainly something to consider, as the more of the same things you share the less likely people are to engage as they know what to expect from your content. A video sharing what you’ve been up to that day offers a fresh perspective and an increased likelihood of engagement.

So how do I go about it?

Ready to show up some more on your business but not too sure about the approach? I’ve got you sorted!

My Mastering Instagram Stories Workshop is happening online tomorrow (22/06/22 – 6.30-8pm) and it’s free for all to join, just click the button below to register. In this workshop I’ll be sharing some great actionable top-tips on non-scary ways of showing your face on social media to build your business.

Reading this after the 22nd of June? Head to my Instagram to stay up-to date on when I’ll be running similar workshops again, or get in touch if you’d be interested in 1:1 mentoring to take your confidence and your business to the next level.

I’m a Llais Cymru Finalist!

The other week I received the exciting news that Mwydro has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Llais Cymru Women in Business Awards 2022.

The awards celebrate women running their own businesses in Wales and are voted for by the public. The awards have 16 categories ranging from Best New Business to Mums in Business to High Street Hero. It was an honour to find out that Mwydro has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Use of the Welsh Language Award for my work creating Welsh language GIFs for all to enjoy.

My fellow finalists include Meinir and Efa Edwards from Cylchgrawn Cara and Ruth Stronge from Snowdonia Donkeys.

Sioned from Mwydro holding a phone displaying the GIFs in the search bar.
To date, Mwydro has created over 300 Welsh Language GIFs, which have bee viewed by over 80 million people.

To date I’ve created over 300 Welsh Language animated GIFs in Mwydro’s quirky styling for everyone to enjoy, which have been viewed by over 80 million people.

As a shock to many, I don’t make a penny from these GIFs – as I simply created them to give small businesses like myself the opportunity to promote their products and services on social media through the medium of Welsh.

It was identifying this need in the market for Welsh GIFs which encouraged me to adapt my business to become a GIF designer, so to be recognised for my work by being nominated for this award truly means the world!

The online awards ceremony will be held on Friday the 8th of July at 19:00 GMT, and the best thing is – everyone’s invited! I can’t wait to get the opportunity to celebrate all the amazing female-led small businesses out there, and I’d love for you to join in the celebrations too!

Speak soon,


Virtual Mastering Instagram Stories Workshop!

Gofynnwch a fe gewch!🙌

Ar Nos Fercher yr 22ain o Fehefin rhwng 6.30 a 8pm, mi fyddai’n arwain fy ngweithdy Meistroli Straeon Instagram yn rhithiol, yn fyw ac am ddim!

Cyfle i chi ddod i ddysgu popeth rydych chi angen gwybod am Straeon Instagram a sut i wneud y gorau ohonynt i’ch busnes. Bydd y gweithdy awr a hanner hwn yn llawn dop gyda’r hanfodion o Straeon Instagram a Top Tips ar sut i ddangos eich hunain ar eich Straeon – gan Mwydro, Ani Bendod, Queen B & Co a HI Communications.

Wir i chi, tyda chi ddim eisiau methu hwn!

Diolch yn fawr i Hwb Menter am y gwahoddiad i arwain y gweithdy hwn.

Allai’m disgwyl i’ch gweld chi yno!

Ask and you will receive! 🙌

On Wednesday the 22nd of June from 6.30 – 8pm I’ll be hosting my Mastering Instagram Stories workshop online, live and free of charge!

Here’s your chance to learn all you need to know about Instagram Stories and how to make the most of them in your business. This hour and a half workshop will be jam packed with the essentials of Instagram Stories and Top Tips on how to tackle the dreaded fear of showing your face on camera, including tips from Ani Bendod, Queen B & Co and HI Communications.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

A big thanks to Hwb Menter for the invitation to lead this virtual workshop.

Can’t wait to see you there!