GIF Portfolio

Stuck on what kind of GIFs to invest in for your business? For further details, click the links below:

Animated Image GIFs

These are GIFs where Mwydro animates an image of your choice, often a product, into a fun animated GIF. These GIFs are £20 each.

Animated and Illustrated Image GIFs

These are GIFs where Mwydro both turn your product or image into an illustration, and animates it. Prices for these GIFs vary on the complexity of the illustration but start from £30 each.

Logo GIF

Your company’s logo turned into a fun, animated GIF. £20 each, or more for more complicated animation requirements.

Slogan GIF

A great way of making an impact, investing in Slogan GIFs that match your brand styling perfectly. Popular choices include GIFs for followers or clients to use, GIFs that make your audience take action, or slogans associated with your business. Prices are £30 for the first slogan GIF, and £20 for any further GIFs in the same styling.

Character GIF

Really showcase your brand’s personality with your own animated GIF Character. Available in a movement of your choice, these eye-catching characters are just the thing to bring in some fun to your brand. First Character GIFs are £50, then £30 each for any additional movements.

Holding an Object
At Work
With iPad/ Phone
Holding a Sign
Holding an Object 2
Heart Hands
Behind a Desk
Face Only
Thumbs Up
Heart Hands 2
English (UK)
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