Hello and welcome to Cardiau Mwydro’s website! Here you’ll find an amalgamation of updates, blog posts, pictures, exclusive news and much more.

I’ll be aiming to keep the website, like my business, as bilingual as possible – though for the first post I’ve stuck with English just to give you a quick introduction to Cardiau Mwydro, me and the website. So here we go!

What is Cardiau Mwydro

Cardiau Mwydro is a small business based in rural North Wales making and selling hand-drawn colourful cards for all occasions – in both Welsh and English. All cards are individually hand-drawn using coloured pens and pencils. The business has a particularly ‘punny’ theme to it, with a broad range of Welsh and English pun cards (some cheekier than others!).

In addition to standard cards, Cardiau Mwydro also offers a unique Custom Order Service, where customers can send in their request for bespoke personalised hand-drawn cards.

Cardiau Mwydro currently sells via Facebook, Instagram and within local craft fairs – but will be expanding very soon!

Sioned, founder and owner of Cardiau Mwydro.

Who is behind Cardiau Mwydro

Hi, I’m Sioned – founder and owner of Cardiau Mwydro. A twenty-four year old from North Wales. I’ve always been a fan of doodling and was encouraged to turn my little hobby into a business in March 2019. I run the business alongside my full time work as an Arts Fundraiser.

I love running my little business and as I often joke, the cards help keep me quiet as I can tend to ramble on (or ‘mwydro’ as you’d say in Welsh!). I adore bringing customers’ ideas to life through my Custom Order Service and also love meeting other crafters in fairs across the area.

I’m always looking for ways to grow and develop the business and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Cardiau Mwydro.

A popular card from the classic collection
A hand-drawn Custom Order

What to expect from this website

Alongside my Facebook and Instagram pages the Cardiau Mwydro website will be the place to go for all of the latest updates regarding my business. You’ll also find contact details and a full gallery.

I’ll be aiming to upload regular blog posts highlighting new collections and also sharing top tips, monthly reflections and regular shout outs to the amazing crafting community that’s out there!

Do feel free to leave a comment noting what you’d like to see from Cardiau Mwydro!

Until next time,

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Illustrator and GIF Artist

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